Less is more

This is the story of a man named Jed
A poor programmer that had been hit in the head
Then one day he did a query for a home
Did a top one and ended in Oklahom (a)

Thing is, this guy correctly figured that for every address on a street, there was only one possible number. But there could be more than one person registered at a household and he really only wants one of them. So he does

SELECT TOP 1 FROM Adresses WHERE Street = @a and Address = @b

Thing he forgot about was that there might possibly be a 123 Main Street in more than one city. In a different state.
They're still digging themselves out of the huge data corruption that this created.

But but but

Another SQL 2000 failure that seems to be OK anywhere else you try it.

-- Do something
-- Do other stuff

Why that isn't an error in 2005 is a little curious

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