Summary of Summer

A friend of mine, a life-long resident of Los Angeles California, moved Minneapolis Minnesota and I was giving him some perspective on the seasons where I grew up. Discovered something myself in doing so.

"The thing I grew up with and remember the strongest about the seasons was that when it was the middle of Summer you could hardly wait for winter, and when it was the middle of Winter, you could hardly wait for Summer. Seasons all have their good and bad points, you just have to learn to take advantage of them when they are there. The biggest thing I miss is that change. I have been living in a 22 year long Summer now and its more than a bit annoying. I miss the beauty of the trees in the Fall, fresh fallen snow and the quiet it brings in the Winter, the smell of mud in the spring after the first good thaw. Hmmm, can't think of anything nice about Summer. Oh well."

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