Will we ever learn?

A while back I posted about a Microsoft bug in 2000 server installations. Caused a production error again, then this was followed by another (SELECT 1 FROM SYS.SYSINDEXES) the next day.

Turns out it is related to the OSQL/ISQLW/ISQL installed and not the server. You can run this same script from a machine with the 2005 tools installed and point to the 2000 server and there is no error. As we deploy using processes that run the file via an isql.exe -I command line, it is a big deal.

Point is then, when we are testing for compatibility of our scripts, we can't run it from the 2005 management studio. We will get a false positive. We have to run it through the local version of the tools!

PRINT 'The error is in parsing the GO incorrectly'
This is a comment

--The error here is the prefix of the SYS. that will not parse correctly

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